By systematically eliminating technical risks through rapid iterations, we aim to reach full-scale deployment in both rivers and oceans. Our ultimate goal is to clean up 90% of the world’s floating ocean plastic.

The present
  • June – November 2019
    System 001/B

    System 001/B

    On our journey to reach proven technology, we must iterate swiftly and efficiently. Using the lessons learned from the System 001 mission (2018), we have been able to address the two main issues observed, plastic retention and structural integrity, with the design of System 001/B. Launched mid-2019, this system is smaller and modular, allowing for offshore adaptations. In this way, we can quickly see which modification is more effective and improve going forward. Follow the journey of System 001/B here:

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  • 2018
    System 001
The past
  • 2016
    First North Sea Prototype
  • 2015
    Scale model testing