A word from our Director Partnerships

“The success of The Ocean Cleanup can largely be attributed to the great support of our partners and funders. Their resources, knowledge, expertise, and networks have helped us get to where we are today.” — Nisha Bakker, Director of Funding and Partnerships

Nisha Bakker, Director of Partnerships

Partner landscape

Cleaning up the oceans requires expertise and resources from many sectors. Here are some examples of the partners who have joined our mission.

  • Global mission partners

    Our global mission partners have made significant contributions to our mission that span multiple years. These can be both in-kind and monetary donations. Maersk and Kia are examples of Global partners.

  • Local funding partners

    For our river deployments, we welcome local funding partners to sponsor the deployment and operations of the Interceptors. Landasan Lumayan Sdn Bhd (LLSB) in Malaysia is an example from this category.

  • Cultural partners

    Cultural Partners help us to spread the word of our cleanup mission to new and broad audiences. Coldplay and YouTube influencers Mark Rober and Mr Beast via the TeamSeas campaign are examples of this.

  • Non-profit partners

    Other non-profits can grant us funds towards the cleanup we do. An example is the Hemsley Foundation, who is sponsoring us over the course of 3 years.

  • Knowledge partners

    Research is integral to The Ocean Cleanup's mission. Our internal research team collaborate heavily with other scientific institutions and universities from all over the world.

  • Deployment partners

    Deploying Interceptors in rivers require permits from the local government, operators to maintain the every-day cleanup and the approval and momentum from the local community. Deployment partners help us mobilize the required stakeholders. UNDP is a global deployment partner.

Our partners

We are honored to have a committed group of partners helping with in-kind support and funding.

What our partners say

  • Profile image of Song Ho-Sung
    Song Ho-Sung CEO of Kia Corp.

    "Kia and The Ocean Cleanup’s shared values of progress and movement are driving our efforts to secure a plastic-free ocean. We are proud to support The Ocean Cleanup and give their ocean catch new life in our value chain, helping to secure a better future for our planet. "

  • Profile image of Matt Fitzgerald
    Matt Fitzgerald #TeamSeas co-founder

    "We teamed up with The Ocean Cleanup to launch #TeamSeas with a simple invitation: donate one dollar, remove one pound of trash. With almost 30 million pounds removed to-date and a global community mobilized, we're delivering on the trust placed in us by the world's leading digital creators and millions of young people around the world. And we're not done yet."

  • Profile image of Coldplay

    "We’re proud to support The Ocean Cleanup’s pioneering success in removing plastic from the planet’s rivers and oceans."

  • Profile image of Birthe van der Voort
    Birthe van der Voort Partner, Deloitte

    "In our commitment to make ‘impact that matters', Deloitte proudly partners with The Ocean Cleanup. Together, we unite our expertise and passion for a sustainable world, making impactful strides against the global challenge of marine plastic pollution in the waters that are so vital to our society."

  • Profile image of Inka Mattila, Dominican Republic
    Inka Mattila, Dominican Republic Resident Representative UNDP

    "The Interceptor 004 in the Dominican Republic has catalyzed nationwide discussions and concrete action on the system around the system and the whole plastic and waste management chain. This collaboration serves as a reference for other global developments under the collaboration agreement between The Ocean Cleanup and UNDP"

  • Profile image of Caroline Mahfood, Jamaica
    Caroline Mahfood, Jamaica CEO, GraceKennedy Foundation

    "The project is super exciting and a great learning opportunity. It’s a game changer for the cleanup of the Kingston Harbour. What I love about it is to see the buy-in from our government partners, the private sector and from the general public."

  • Profile image of Kyoo Bok Lee
    Kyoo Bok Lee CEO of Hyundai Glovis

    "The Ocean Cleanup’s mission is ambitious, and to secure it they need assistance. With this partnership, we are proud to support their logistic challenges and ADIS data-gathering project."

System 03 aerial view full span System 03 extraction on deck System 03 extraction Plastics in a river in the Dominican Republic Interceptor 007 in Ballona Creek, LA, from above Jamaica Tender and Guardian Operations Interceptor 006

Meet the team

Reach out to be connected with one of our partnerships team colleagues below.

  1. Portrait of Nisha Bakker

    Nisha Bakker

    Director Partnerships (LT)
  2. Portrait of Bas Maase

    Bas Maase

    Senior Partnership Manager
  3. Portrait of Eugenia Macari

    Eugenia Macari

    Partnership Manager
  4. Portrait of Everest Gromoll

    Everest Gromoll

    Partnership Manager
  5. Portrait of Ewan Topping

    Ewan Topping

    Senior Partnerships Manager
  6. Portrait of Isabella Ries

    Isabella Ries

    Senior Partnership Manager
  7. Portrait of Leonard Sprik

    Leonard Sprik

    Head of Innovative Finance Partnerships
  8. Portrait of Riccardo Farina

    Riccardo Farina

    Senior Partnership Manager
  9. Portrait of Roufizah Razali

    Roufizah Razali

    Regional Partnership Manager
  10. Portrait of Sarah Schaeffer

    Sarah Schaeffer

    Senior Partnership Manager

ways to support


With a global project we need many suppliers around the world. If you have a product or service you believe could benefit our cleanup mission, reach out to us detailing your company’s capabilities. We value great service, unique product offerings and smooth processes.

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Independent supporter

At The Ocean Cleanup, we believe that every bit helps in the fight against plastic pollution. That’s why we want to thank the companies who choose to support us independently. Your donation helps fund our research, development of technology and engineering, and the execution of our cleanup operations. To show our appreciation, we can provide a badge that you can display on your website, demonstrating your commitment to protecting our oceans.

Join the cleanup

Ridding the oceans of plastic is an audacious mission, requiring a team of daring change-makers working towards a better tomorrow.

  • Be part of the cleanup

    Do you want to help by offering funds or in-kind support? Reach out to discuss how we can clean up the oceans together.

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