We seek passion and excellence

Our mission is to develop advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. We need to complete one of the most ambitious engineering projects on the face of the planet. To succeed in our mission, we hire dedicated, fully focused and out-of-the-box thinking employees.

If you are a master problem solver and are willing to do whatever it takes to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, we want you at The Ocean Cleanup.

River plastic research in Guatemala The Ocean Cleanup crew with local operator in Jakarta, Indonesia

Our cultural philosophy


We put our mission first, set challenging ambitions, and persevere where any normal person would have long given up on a quest to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.


To innovate through uncharted waters, we transparently discuss issues, challenge each other, and approach failures as Unscheduled Learning Opportunities.


Through pragmatic, focused, and disciplined execution, we work to maximize plastic collection and put ourselves out of business as fast as possible.


This problem is too big for anyone to solve alone, so it’s important to trust and build on each other and our partners. We celebrate team wins and have fun while we’re at it!

Job openings

Need a few good reasons to join the team?

  • See your work getting implemented within months of initial design
  • Work on cutting-edge engineering, modeling, and plastic pollution research.
  • Be part of a driven group of experts, who see the “impossible” as temporary.
  • Play a key role in launching the largest cleanup in history.

We bring the Silicon Valley culture to the Netherlands

  • Build, break, learn, and repeat: we iterate fast and continuously
  • We work anywhere, anytime.
  • Personal accountability is our culture (no time sheets or fixed number of holidays)
  • From (free) team lunches, to drinks on the terrace, to ping pong – we work hard, but we also enjoy downtime
  1. Boyan Slat

    CEO and Founder
  2. Jacob Fonteijne

    Managing Director
  3. Lonneke Holierhoek

    Director of Science & Operations
  4. Ana Alejandra Leal Lara

    Environmental Coordinator
  5. André Vollering

    Data Scientist
  6. Andriarimina Rakotonirina

    Computational Modelling Specialist
  7. Angela Osorio

    Operations Manager Waste
  8. Anne Raangs

    Operations Manager
  9. Arjen Tjallema

    Head of Technology Ocean
  10. Bastiaan Dubois

    Business Development Manager
  11. Bruno Sainte-Rose

    Lead Computational Modeller
  12. Bunno Arends

    Head of Engineering - Rivers
  13. Caroline Leclerc

    Business Development Manager EMEA
  14. Cesar Maldonado

    Operations Manager Junior
  15. Charlotte de Jong

    Execution Partnership Junior
  16. Chris Reichard

    Senior Project Engineer
  17. Christian Cocca

    Testing Manager
  18. Dan Leahy

    Chief Development Officer
  19. Dan van der Kooy

    Senior Video Producer
  20. Daniella Kern

    Legal Assistant
  21. David Higgins

    River Survey Engineer
  22. Deborah Koskela

    Senior Project Engineer
  23. Eline Spek

    Head of Operations Rivers
  24. Elisabeth Thiemann

    Funding Analyst
  25. Ellen Hoogland

    Senior Legal Counsel
  26. Emma Brussen

    Community Manager
  27. Erika Träskvik

    Sr. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Manager
  28. Eva Snijder

    Material Development Manager
  29. Fedde Poppenk

    Project Engineer Senior
  30. Femke Hoes

    Finance Coordinator
  31. Florent Beauverd

    Creative Content Director
  32. Gabriela Varela Clavijo

    Program Manager Ocean
  33. Glen Kissack

    Operations Manager
  34. Grégoire Simon

    Project Engineer Rivers Junior
  35. Helen Wolter

    Plastic Lab Scientist
  36. Henk van Dalen

    Director Ocean
  37. Irina Novikova

    Business Development Manager
  38. Jasper van Eijk

    Project Engineer
  39. Joel Jansen

    Project Engineer Senior
  40. Jolanda Dubois

    Accounting Assistant
  41. Joost Dubois

    Director Communications (E-MT)
  42. Josee Meiners

    HR & Facility Director (E-MT)
  43. Joy Gao

    Finance Director (E-MT)
  44. Julius Lein

    Senior Project Engineer
  45. Karen Blyth

    Personal Assistant to Founder & CEO
  46. Karen Shepherd

    Executive Assistant
  47. Leticia Passos

    Legal Counsel
  48. Linda Upeniece

    HR & Payroll Coordinator
  49. Lourens Meijer

    Head of Data & Monitoring
  50. Maarten van Berkel

    Head of IT & Data
  51. Maggie Lund

    Head of Business Development China and Philippines
  52. Manon Ait Amrouche

    Senior Project Engineer
  53. Marieke Bijl

    Office Manager
  54. Martin Gonzalez

    Hydrodynamic Engineer
  55. Mathieu Feisthauer

    Head of Outsourced Operations
  56. Matthias Egger

    Ocean Scientist
  57. Max Garstman

    HR Assistant
  58. Michelle Tishler

    Head of Environmental Affairs
  59. Nadira Cedar

    Legal Assistant Junior
  60. Onno van de Sande

    Manufacturing & Contract Account Manager
  61. Peter Wiersum

    Project Manager Communications
  62. Rachel Richardson

    Senior Brand Voice & PR Manager
  63. Reijnder de Feijter

    Senior Project Engineer
  64. Renata Correia

    River Survey Engineer
  65. Robin de Vries

    Geospatial Analyst
  66. Rutger de Witt Wijnen

    General Counsel (E-MT)
  67. Ryan du Plessis

    Senior Financial Accountant
  68. Sjoerd Drenkelford

    Operations Manager Medior
  69. Stella van den Berg

    Valorization Director (E-MT)
  70. Stephanie Lermen Mendonça

    Business Developer for LATAM
  71. Steven Bink

    IT Manager
  72. Stijn Pinson

    River Data Scientist
  73. Thaine Herman Assumpcao

    River Survey Engineer Junior
  74. Thomas Mani

    River Field Scientist
  75. Tilo Kauerhoff

    Project Engineer Medior
  76. Valentina Marinelic

    Video Editor & Production Assistant
  77. Viktorija Gaizutyte

    Social Media Manager
  78. Yannick Pham

    Computational Modeler

International team

  • Flag of Netherlands

    Netherlands 40 members from this country

  • Flag of Australia

    Australia 2 members from this country

  • Flag of United Kingdom

    United Kingdom 7 members from this country

  • Flag of France

    France 8 members from this country

  • Flag of Mexico

    Mexico 1 member from this country

  • Flag of Madagascar

    Madagascar 1 member from this country

  • Flag of Colombia

    Colombia 1 member from this country

  • Flag of Belgium

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  • Flag of United States

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  • Flag of Italy

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  • Flag of Russian Federation

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  • Flag of New Zealand

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  • Flag of Brazil

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  • Flag of Latvia

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  • Flag of China

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  • Flag of Hungary

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