We seek passion and excellence

Our mission is to develop and scale technologies to rid the oceans of plastic. Returning the ocean to its former glory requires us to complete one of the most ambitious megaprojects on the face of the planet. To succeed, we look for people willing to go all in and who don’t wait to be told what to do. They can simplify complex situations and continuously challenge themselves and those around them.

If you are a problem solver and are willing to do what it takes to rid the world’s oceans of plastic, we want you at The Ocean Cleanup.

The Ocean Cleanup crew with local operator in Jakarta, Indonesia for Interceptor 001

Our cultural philosophy


We put our mission first, set challenging ambitions, and persevere where any normal person would have long given up on a quest to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.


To innovate through uncharted waters, we transparently discuss problems, challenge each other, and approach failures as Unscheduled Learning Opportunities.


Through pragmatic, focused, and disciplined execution, we work to maximize plastic collection and put ourselves out of business as fast as possible.


This problem is too big for anyone to solve alone, so it’s important to trust and build on each other and our partners. We celebrate team wins and have fun while we’re at it!

Job openings

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Need a few good reasons to join the team?

  • See your work getting implemented within months of initial design
  • Work on cutting-edge engineering, modeling, and plastic pollution research
  • Be part of a driven group of people from around the world, who see the “impossible” as temporary
  • Play a key role in driving the largest cleanup in history

How we work

  • Build, break, learn, and repeat: we iterate fast and continuously
  • We work anywhere, anytime.
  • Personal accountability is our culture (no time sheets or fixed number of holidays)
  • Flat organization structure in which everyone can talk to anyone to get the job done
  • From (free) team lunches, to drinks on the terrace, to ping pong – we work hard, but we also enjoy downtime
  1. Boyan Slat

    CEO and Founder
  2. Stacey Santoso

  3. Joel Jansen

    Oceans Director
  4. Julian Searle

    Chief Development Officer
  5. Laurent Lebreton

    Head of Research (LT)
  6. Matthias Egger

    Head of Environmental and Social Affairs (LT)
  7. Nisha Bakker

    Director Partnerships (LT)
  8. Stella van den Berg

    Catch Management Director (LT)
  9. Abigail Nimbalker

    Legal Counsel
  10. Adonis Sakkas

    Project Engineer E&I
  11. Portrait Adrian Moredia Valek

    Adrian Moredia Valek

    Project Manager Sr.
  12. Ahmad Damaj

    Environmental Manager Sr
  13. Portrait Aish Kumar

    Aish Kumar

    Project Coordinator Sr. Malaysia
  14. Alex Mills

    Operations Manager
  15. Alexia Kapsaski

    Legal Counsel
  16. Alice-Catherine Collins

    Director of Project Management
  17. Ana Carrasco

  18. André Vollering

    Data Scientist
  19. Andriarimina portrait

    Andriarimina Rakotonirina

    Computational Modelling Specialist
  20. Angela

    Angela Osorio

    Waste Manager Specialist
  21. Anouk Klapwijk

    Program Manager Communications
  22. Arjen Tjallema

    Head of Technology Ocean
  23. Aurelia Ferraro

    Business Development Manager Medior
  24. Bart Bruggeman

    Project Manager
  25. Bas Maase

    Senior Partnership Manager
  26. Bastiaan Dubois

    Business Development Manager
  27. Blanca

    Blanca Guillen Cebrian

    Data Analytics Engineer Junior
  28. Bob

    Bob Luijendijk

    Accounts Payable Coordinator
  29. Portrait Bobby

    Bobby Leijgraaf

    Operations Manager
  30. Bousso portrait

    Bousso Diakhoumpa

    Community Manager
  31. Bruno Sainte-Rose

    Lead Computational Modeler
  32. Portrait Caroline

    Caroline Leclerc

    Head of Strategy Development
  33. Charlotte de Jong

    Business Development Manager
  34. Charlotte portrait

    Charlotte Harenberg

    P&O Business Partner
  35. Chris Reichard

    Project Engineer Senior
  36. Portrait Coline Trochet

    Coline Trochet

    Logistics Manager Jr
  37. Portrait Cornelis Dingemanse

    Cornelis Dingemanse

    River Surveyor Engineer
  38. Cristina Luttner

    Waste Manager
  39. Dan van der Kooy

    Dan van der Kooy

    Video Producer Sr
  40. David portrait

    David Higgins

    River Surveyor Engineer
  41. Dawn Rottges

    Executive Assistant to Founder and CEO
  42. Deborah Koskela

    Lead Hydro Engineer
  43. Demi Bartels

    Business Development Manager
  44. Dewi van Joost

    People & Organisation Specialist
  45. Dillian van Vliet

    Legal & Public Affairs Counsel
  46. Don Kemler

    Operations Manager Senior
  47. Dorine Poelhekke

    Business Development Manager
  48. Elina Kasneci portrait

    Elina Kasneci

    AP Coördinator
  49. Enock Namwoyo

    Waste Manager Junior
  50. Erik Holmbom

    Operations Manager
  51. Erik

    Erik Hoogeveen

    Project Engineer Medior
  52. Erik van den Berg

    Head of Ocean Technology
  53. Erika Träskvik

    Head of Digital Marketing
  54. Esther van Loon

    River Waste Valorization Manager
  55. Eugenia Macari

    Partnership Manager
  56. Eva Potma

    Supply Chain Coordinator
  57. Everest Gromoll

    Partnership Manager
  58. Ewan Topping

    Senior Partnerships Manager
  59. Fedde Poppenk

    Project Engineer Senior
  60. Femke Hoes

    Financial Controller Jr
  61. Florent Beauverd

    Head of Creative and Documentary Productions
  62. Gabriela Alvarez Mieles

    Environmental Manager
  63. Gabriela Varela Clavijo

    Program Manager Ocean
  64. Glen Kissack

    Operations Manager
  65. Gosia Winter

    Project Manager
  66. Grégoire Simon

    Project Engineer Junior
  67. Grete Ernst

    R&D Engineer Senior
  68. Guillermo Barranco van Houtte

    Project Engineer
  69. Hanna Beumer

    Head of Brand and Partnership Marketing
  70. Helen Wolter

    Field and Lab Scientist
  71. Hidde Coehoorn

    R&D Engineer
  72. Irina Novikova

    Head of Business Development
  73. Isabella Ries

    Senior Partnership Manager
  74. Portrait Isabelle Cramer

    Isabelle Cramer

    Environmental Man. Jr.
  75. Jacques Coetzee

    Group Controller
  76. Jamie van der Veer

    Legal & Public Affairs Counsel
  77. Janne van Eerten

    Global Public Affairs Associate
  78. Portrait Jari Grob

    Jari Grob

    People Operations Specialist
  79. Jasper van Eijk

    Project Engineer Senior
  80. Jelmer

    Jelmer Bergsma

    Travel Manager
  81. Jessica Ahlborn

    Internal Communications Officer
  82. Jihane Biotteau

    Head of Talent Acquisition
  83. Jolanda Dubois

    AR Coordinator
  84. Joy Gao

    Finance Director (LT)
  85. Júlia Lladós Vila

    Program Coordinator
  86. Juliana Razali

    River Survey Engineer Jr.
  87. Julius Lein

    Offshore Operations Manager
  88. Lars-Christian Boll portrait

    Lars-Christian Boll

    Research & Development Engineer
  89. Leonard Sprik

    Head of Innovative Finance Partnerships
  90. Portrait Leticia

    Letícia Abreu Passos de Souza

    Director of Legal & Public Affairs
  91. Linda portrait

    Linda Upeniece

    P&O Business Partner
  92. Maarten van Berkel

    Head of Data & IT (LT)
  93. Maira Proietti

    Environmental Manager Senior
  94. Portrait Manon

    Manon Ait Amrouche

    Project Engineer Senior
  95. Marceau Philippe-Janon

    Hydro Engineer
  96. Margot Thibault

    Marine Biologist
  97. Marjolein van Vulpen

    Research Assistant
  98. Martin Gonzalez Jimenez

    R&D Engineer Senior
  99. Mathieu D’heer

    Data Scientist Junior
  100. Mathijs Campman Portrait

    Mathijs Campman

    Head of Offshore Project
  101. Mattia Romero

    Computational Modeler Jr
  102. Portrait Menno de Boer

    Menno de Boer

    Operations Manager
  103. Michiel Mos

    Graphic & UX Designer Senior
  104. Portrait Milos Stanojevic

    Milos Stanojevic

    Recycling Operations Manager
  105. Morgane Schmidt

    Program Coordinator
  106. Nadhira Putri

    Waste Manager
  107. Nadira Cader

    Legal Assistant
  108. Onno van de Sande

    Integrated River Solutions Director
  109. Peter Puskic

    Field Ocean Scientist Sr.
  110. Renata

    Renata Correia

    Head of River Analysis & Performance
  111. Riccardo Farina

    Senior Partnership Manager
  112. Robin de Vries

    ADIS Lead
  113. Ronja Ebner

    River Data Scientist & Modeler
  114. Portrait Fie Razali

    Roufizah Razali

    Regional Partnership Manager
  115. Ryan portrait

    Ryan du Plessis

    Project Manager
  116. Sarah Mahe

    Project Manager - River Deployments
  117. Sarah Schaeffer

    Senior Partnership Manager
  118. Sascha Kraayenbrink

    Executive Asssistant
  119. Sean Dalton

    Ocean Imaging System Specialist
  120. Seinab Bohsung portrait

    Seinab Bohsung

    River Survey Engineer Jr
  121. Sinéad O’Flanagan

    Project Manager Senior
  122. Stephanie Ritchie

    Operations Manager
  123. Steven Bink

    IT Manager
  124. Steven Paalman

    Regional Director Asia
  125. Sue Brown

    Procurement Manager Sr
  126. Suleman Audu

    Environmental Manager
  127. Tatjana Scroggie

    Head of Supply Chain (LT)
  128. Thaine Herman Assumpcao

    River Survey Engineer
  129. Thomas Mani

    River Field Scientist Specialist
  130. Thorson Wegener

    Operations Manager Senior
  131. Portrait Tilo

    Tilo Kauerhoff

    Project Engineer Sr
  132. Valerie Verbaan

    Product Manager - Plastic Products
  133. Viktória Petrovszki

    Office Manager
  134. Viktorija Gaizutyte

    Head of Social Media
  135. Yanis Chontzoglou

    Materials Engineer
  136. Yannick Pham

    Computational Modeler Junior

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