TeamSeas and The Ocean Cleanup

TeamSeas is a fundraising campaign initiated by Mark Rober and MrBeast, content creators on YouTube. The campaign’s goal is to raise 30 million USD to remove 30 million pounds of trash polluting coastal regions, rivers, and ultimately oceans. Funds ared split equally between The Ocean Cleanup and Ocean Conservancy. Find out more from Mark Rober and Boyan Slat on board our Interceptor Original in the Dominican Republic in this video.

Mark Rober and Boyan Slat discussing the partnership

Our Interceptors

Capturing plastic in rivers is the fastest and most efficient way to rid the oceans of plastic. To do this, The Ocean Cleanup deploys a growing network of Interceptors in rivers around the world, which together have removed over 5 million kg (11 million lbs) of trash so far.

The Ocean Cleanup currently has 12 Interceptors in 7 countries, with more expected for 2023 and 2024. Funds allocated from the TeamSeas campaign are aimed at expanding and improving our Interceptors, allowing us to make even more impact in highly polluting rivers.


Interceptors explained

More about The Ocean Cleanup

At 16 years old, Boyan Slat went scuba diving in Greece – and saw more plastic bags that fish. He thought: “Why can’t we just clean this up?” This led him to research plastic pollution for his school project, and start coming up with solutions. In 2012, Boyan Slat presented his cleanup concept in a TEDx talk, and the idea went viral. Boyan dropped out of university and founded The Ocean Cleanup as a non-profit project in 2013. The Ocean Cleanup now has a crew of over 140 people and is supported by millions around the world who share our commitment to this mission.

Boyan Slat on board Interceptor 002 in Klang River, Malaysia
Boyan Slat on board Interceptor 002 in Klang River, Malaysia

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