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#TeamSeas Report | Engineers & Influencers

It all started with an idea on a napkin…and now #TeamSeas is celebrating 20 million lbs (9 million kilograms!) of trash removed around the world. Catching Up speaks to Matt Fitzgerald, co-founder of the #TeamSeas campaign, about why he, Mark Rober, and MrBeast decided to combine forces to clean oceans, rivers, and beaches worldwide – and how the true legacy of the campaign is the passion it inspires every day.

Matt tells us how #TeamSeas has captured the imagination of millions of young people worldwide, and how The Ocean Cleanup’s Jamaica deployments are spreading knowledge and awareness far beyond our Interceptors. He reveals how getting arrested with his grandmother during a climate protest inspired him to continue his work as an organizer in the climate movement – and he shares some truly shocking theories on the tooth fairy…

Duration: 01:16:12