Catching Up Renata


Data-driven | What’s the pattern?

Data is nothing without the brains to understand it correctly – and we have just the brain for the job. From plastic-infested riverbanks in the Caribbean to diplomatic meetings in Kenya, Renata Correia has spent four years crossing the world with The Ocean Cleanup, analyzing and enhancing the data we gather on plastic pollution. Renata takes us through her journey: from her horror at her first sight of the scale of plastic pollution in Guatemala, to her current role as the ‘data whisperer’ in our Rivers program.

Every river is different, and solid data helps us see where plastic pollution comes from and lets us measure our impact in tackling it. As Head of Performance and Analysis for our Rivers team, Renata tells Catching Up how her constant curiosity keeps her searching for new answers, and how she guides an expert team of scientists around the world to connect the dots and spot the patterns across a planet’s worth of plastic data.

Find our more about The Ocean Cleanup’s work researching plastic in rivers here, and the 1000 rivers around the world that our models predict as the top polluters here.

Duration: 00:41:51