Having taken the learnings from System 002 and applying them to subsequent iterations of the technology, we will scale up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. With this blueprint for scale-up, we will look to deploy a fleet of systems into all the other four ocean gyres.

Timeline of scale-up
Timeline of scale-up

Our approach to reducing the plastics problem is twofold: clean the legacy pollution in the ocean, and close the tap, by intercepting plastic from rivers. The plastic that circulates in the five gyres has been accumulating over the past 60+ years and will not go away by itself. Instead, the material breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces over time. At a certain level, these nano- and microparticles will become too small to collect. It is, therefore, crucial to begin cleaning up as soon as possible and defuse this ticking time bomb.

Macroplastic in the ocean surface layer with business as usual, source reduction and cleanup in the ocean.
To clean up the ocean we need to intercept plastic in rivers and clean up what is already out there

Following our plan, we predict an eventual leveling off, and a plan to achieve a 90% reduction by 2040. It has also remained our goal to make something meaningful with the plastic caught from the ocean. Following mission one we created our first plastic product: The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses. We hope System 002 will return with an even larger haul of plastic. By converting ocean plastic into a useful product, supporters buying them can help fund the continuation of cleanup.

Your company can be a part of the biggest cleanup in history. Coldplay, Deloitte, and Maersk are just a few already partnering with us. Reach out via our website contact form to discuss a potential collaboration.