With the support of over 38,000 funders from 160 countries, over 2 million USD was raised in 100 days.

This success brought The Ocean Cleanup one step further in its quest of ridding the oceans of plastics. The money raised helped The Ocean Cleanup initiate the engineering process as well as a series of expeditions. The collected oceanographic data is used by our engineers when designing the cleanup system.

A total of 2,154,282 USD was raised, making it “the most successful non-profit crowdfunding campaign in history” at the time, according to the crowdfunding platform ABN AMRO’s SEEDS, who facilitated the campaign.

We are eternally grateful to all of whom supported us worldwide. Thank you to all crowd funders, professional in-kind contributors, as well as the many volunteers and ambassadors who enthusiastically invested their time when The Ocean Cleanup was merely in the concept phase. You gave us the confidence to keep going and without you, we would not have been able to move towards our end goal; cleaning up the oceans.