Seven Questions from Boyan’s River AMA #AskBoyan

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With the recent announcement of our river cleanup technology, the Interceptor, Boyan Slat, founder and CEO, took to Twitter to answer some of the internet’s questions about this newly revealed project.

Here are some of the highlights from the Twitter AMA:

1. What countries are next for the interceptor? How quickly will it be scaled up? #askboyan

2. The interceptor scoops up dead leaves, dead plants, branches and mud. Does the removal of this material negatively impact the river environment? If yes, can this material be sorted from the plastic and other man-made waste and returned to the river?

3. Is it possible to add sensors for measuring i.e. weight or how many dumpsters each day are swopped, add GPS location, put this information on a online map with all the other Interceptors! Tell the story by making it visible!

4. How much time does Interceptor need to fill all its containers in a typical Asian river? #AskBoyan

5. Will you be placing these systems close to where the river meets the ocean or further upstream?

6. You probably need lots of people to get all the Interceptors in the rivers. Will there come more vacancies? 😏 #AskBoyan

7. #askboyan As a teacher who has been covering your journey with The Ocean Cleanup since last year with my students, what are the biggest lessons you have learned throughout this process? What advice would you pass on to 5th graders who are wanting to make a difference too?

You can find the full string of questions and answers here: