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The Ocean Cleanup would not be where we are today without supporters, individuals, and corporations from all over the world. We welcome you to join the cleanup with your team. Order The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses for your colleagues for the holiday season and give the gift of cleaner oceans.


  • The sunglasses are our first product made with plastic with certified plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch
  • 100% of the proceeds go towards continued cleanup. From the ocean – for the ocean.
  • One pair of sunglasses funds 24 football fields worth of ocean cleaning.
  • Each pair has a unique QR code on the frame, which allows you to connect them to you. This helps in getting them back to you if you lose them and makes for easy sharing of the mission when on the road.
Team explaining the features of The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses


Head to our webshop for a detailed product description and how your purchase helps fund a global mission. You can order directly through the webshop as an individual.

However, for larger business orders above 10 pairs, we can prepare the order for you. Please get in touch with us via the form below with the following details in the message field:

  • Billing and shipping details
  • The quantity you would wish to order

Fun fact: an ideal order size would be in quantity of 48 or 96 pieces (vs 50 or 100). This reduces shipment waste.

Order in time to ensure timely delivery for the upcoming holidays.

The Ocean Cleanup Sunglasses
Boyan Slat unveiling the sunglasses
Boyan Slat presenting the sunglasses in 2020 to an online audience.
The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses with case and pouch - both made with recycled materials
The Ocean Cleanup sunglasses with case and pouch - both made with recycled materials

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