To rid the world’s oceans of plastic, we must remove legacy waste and prevent plastic from entering the ocean. Because rivers are the primary source of ocean plastic, this is where we must take action.

The Interceptor Original is the world’s first scalable solution for preventing river debris from entering the ocean. Designed for series production, the Interceptor Original relies on natural forces (river currents and solar power) to extract debris flowing through rivers and ensure this waste never makes its way to the ocean.

While we designed our Interceptor Original to be suitable for a wide range of rivers, our understanding of the differences among these 1000 rivers has shown us that a single solution would not be sufficient to handle all conditions experienced in scale-up. Thus, we are now creating a family of Interceptor solutions, a toolkit we can use to apply the best solution for each specific location. Our toolkit currently consists of the Interceptor Original, the Interceptor Barrier, the Interceptor Tender, the Interceptor Barricade, and the Interceptor Guard. To learn more about our river technology, check out our River page.