The Interceptor Original

The Interceptor Original is our first river cleanup technology, unveiled in October 2019. It is 100% solar-powered and extracts plastic autonomously allowing for quicker roll-out.

The Interceptor Original is designed for series production, which will allow for quicker roll-out. In December 2020, we partnered with Konecranes, who will handle the manufacturing series production.

Interceptor 004 in the Dominican Republic, Rio Ozama
Interceptor 004 in the Dominican Republic, Rio Ozama
Offloading trash from Interceptor 003 in Vietnam
Offloading trash from Interceptor 003 in Vietnam
Interceptor 002 in Malaysia, Klang, from above
Interceptor 002 in Malaysia, Klang, from above

Cleanup steps

  1. 1Barrier

  2. 2Conveyor belt

  3. 3Shuttle

  4. 4Dumpsters

  5. 5Empty and recycle

  • Scalable

    The Interceptor has been designed for mass production for quick deployment in the world's most polluted rivers.

  • Energy-neutral

    The debris enters the Interceptor with the natural current of the river. All electronics on the Interceptor, including the conveyor belt, shuttle, lights, sensors, data transmission, are solar-powered.

  • Connected

    The Interceptors are internet-connected, allowing us to gather continuous performance and collection data. It also enables the Interceptor™ to automatically notify local operators once the dumpsters are full.

Placement in rivers

Alongside our research into the most polluting rivers, we have also conducted research on where to best place Interceptors in the rivers.

The optimal setup is determined on a case-by-case basis, based on flow-velocity, the width of the river, presence of a plastic , traffic, proximity to a delta, etcetera.

Working with the government and local operators we will help to determine the best setup that produces the most effective extraction output and the least interference with vessel traffic in the river.

The Interceptors™ will be placed in strategic locations in rivers to make sure the main plastic flow is intercepted, meanwhile allowing for boats to pass.
In the case no natural hotline is present, an upstream barrier can be used to create this effect artificially.
  • 3,000,000 KG

    Our Interceptor Originals have removed over 3 million kilograms of trash from rivers around the world.

  • 24/7 operation

    The Interceptor can work autonomously until it’s full and can continue extracting debris even when the dumpsters are being emptied.

  • 50 m3 capacity

    Its large storage capacity allows for efficient emptying cycles, filling entire garbage trucks at once.

Interceptor Solutions

To be able to reach our goal of intercepting 1000 rivers, we need a family of technologies.

Tracking Progress

See all Interceptors in the pipeline and deployed on our dashboard.