It’s here: Feasibility Study V2.0

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Feasibility Study V2.0 is now available for download.

The report can be downloaded here.

Parallel to making preparations for the upcoming Pilot Phase, The Ocean Cleanup’s crew has carefully listened to all peer review comments and other feedback, based on which a series of several thousand edits have been implemented.

Some notable improvements include:

  • Inclusion of recent studies on the economic and toxicological impacts of plastic pollution
  • Inclusion of fishing for litter in the consideration of alternative cleanup methods
  • Inclusion of discussion of the effects of current variability
  • Inclusion of wind load
  • Correction of the current velocity load from 50% to over 95% of conditions
  • Inclusion of comments on corrosion of tension and connection cables
  • Inclusion of discussion on how the skirt angle may influence catch efficiency
  • Expansion of biofouling chapter
  • Inclusion of discussion on the ichthyoplankton impact of the system
  • Inclusion of results of Rotterdam harbor bycatch experiment
  • Updated outlook on the Pilot Phase

The report’s main conclusion – that The Ocean Cleanup Array is likely feasible and financially viable method to cleanup nearly half the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 10 years – remains unchanged.

“There’s obviously a lot more work to do – we estimate the technology should be ready for full-scale implementation in three to four years’ time. Now that we are confident the first phase has produced a solid basis, we can now close off the feasibility study, and fully focus on initiating the Pilot Phase”, Boyan said.