As a non-profit, all proceeds go to funding our cleanup – turning the pollution of yesterday into the cleanup of tomorrow.


    Every step of the journey - from pollution to product - is tracked and audited by DNV GL to certify that the plastic is truly from the patch.


    By getting the sunglasses, supporters had a tangible way to contribute. Together we raised funds for 500,000 football fields worth of ocean cleaning.


Our sunglasses were made from plastic we removed from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch during our operations in 2019. Designed in California by Yves Béhar and made in Italy by Safilo – they offered a very stylish way for supporters to help rid the oceans of plastic. And, should the time come, they were designed to be easily recycled.


100% of the proceeds from the sales of these sunglasses will go directly to continued cleanup operations. When we return to the patch, because of your support, we estimate that we can clean an area equivalent to 24 football fields of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from the proceeds of just one pair of sunglasses. If we sell every pair, that means we could clean half a million football fields worth of ocean.

1 pair = 24 football fields worth of ocean cleaning


From the ocean to landing in your hands, we want to give you transparency in our process. We caught our first plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2019 and we tracked and traced the entire process, which was audited by independent certification body, DNV GL. We have also carbon compensated for fuel emissions during the offshore campaign.

Now, by supporting our mission, you can give this plastic a second chance and help turn a problem into a solution.


Your support is the reason we are here today and the only way we can reach our goal of clean oceans. Together, we reached our goal of funding half a million football fields’ worth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.


worth of ocean cleaning funded, of our goal of 500,000

percentage achieved: 100%

people have told their stories.

We were on board

  • Profile image of Eva
    Eva Material Development Manager

    "Transforming the trash into The Ocean Cleanup material has been a real journey. To now see the material be the hero of this product is truly amazing."

  • Profile image of Boyan Slat
    Boyan Slat Founder and CEO at The Ocean Cleanup

    "Crazy to think that this was still harmful trash in the middle of the ocean, and now it’s something useful and beautiful."

  • Profile image of Francisco Porcella
    Francisco Porcella Pro Surfer

    "I’m really honored and inspired to join The Ocean Cleanup Team, giving me a chance to share these amazing new ways of catching some of the plastic in our rivers and oceans, lets bring back the beauty we once had."

  • Profile image of Sharon Pieksma
    Sharon Pieksma Miss Universe Netherlands 2019

    "For me The Ocean Cleanup is one of the wonders of the sea. Boyan Slat inspires people and firms to simply act, and I have huge respect for that."

  • Profile image of David
    David QESH Manager at The Ocean Cleanup

    "Happy to have helped DNV GL develop an international standard that will ensure transparency in ocean plastic claims."

  • Profile image of Jaap
    Jaap Design Engineer at The Ocean Cleanup

    "Plastic debris taken out of the ocean with my own hands, made into beautiful sunglasses. Could not be happier with the result."

  • Profile image of Ronen Rubinstein
    Ronen Rubinstein Actor

    "BEYOND honored to be an Ambassador and Supporter of such a Trailblazing Company that focuses on Solutions and Problem-Solving. This is a MAJOR step forward in ridding the Planet of Plastic Pollution"

  • Profile image of Nico Rosberg
    Nico Rosberg Sustainability Entrepreneur & Formula One Champion

    "Amazing how one pair of sunglasses enables the cleanup of 24 football fields in the future!"

  • Profile image of Toby Harriman
    Toby Harriman Photographer & Content Creator

    "From working and watching the launch of System 001, to seeing these glasses is truly amazing. The overall project just gives me hope for our future."

  • Profile image of Angelo Trocchia
    Angelo Trocchia CEO at Safilo

    "I am very proud of this new project with The Ocean Cleanup to give a second life to the plastic collected from the ocean. Our team worked hard to combine our long history of eyewear manufacturing with material innovations to ensure the high quality, stylistic content and uniqueness of this final product."


Other ways to join

The sunglasses have been sold out since February 2022, and we have reached the goal of funding 500,000 football fields worth of ocean cleaning. As we go forward, we do not intend to make more products of our own, but partner with companies who will use our ocean plastic in their products.

Still interested in our mission? Here are some ways to get involved!

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  • Plastic extraction from System 002, The Ocean Cleanup’s ocean system cleaning the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Many crates and buoys originating from fishing activities can be seen in the catch.

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