January 2023, article in a peer-reviewed journal
Data Journal

Apostolos Papakonstantinou, Argyrios Moustakas, Polychronis Kolokoussis, Dimitris Papageorgiou, Robin de Vries and Konstantinos Topouzelis

  • Publication type: Article in peer-reviewed journal
  • Publication journal: Data
  • Publication Date: 11 January 2023
  • Collaborators: Department of Marine Sciences, University of the Aegean, University Hill (GR), School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering, National Technical University (GR), The Ocean Cleanup (NL)
  • DOI: 10.3390/data8010019


Among the emerging applications of remote sensing technologies, the remote detection of plastic litter has observed successful applications in recent years. However, while the number of studies and datasets for spectral characterization of plastic is growing, few studies address plastic litter while being submerged in natural seawater in an outdoor context. This study aims to investigate the feasibility of hyperspectral characterization of submerged plastic litter in less-than-ideal conditions. We present a hyperspectral dataset of eight different polymers in field conditions, taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on different days in a three-week period. The measurements were carried out off the coast of Mytilene, Greece. The team collected the dataset using a Bayspec OCI-F push broom sensor from 25 m and 40 m height above the water. For a contextual background, the dataset also contains optical (RGB) high-resolution orthomosaics.