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It’s ‘Bring Your Kids To Work Day’ at The Ocean Cleanup HQ!

Your host, Dan van der Kooy, has traveled the world braving all kinds of hazardous environments to bring you the stories of our mission. But is he ready for his toughest test yet?

We’re not just ridding the oceans of plastic for today: we’re doing it for the next generation, too – and they have some thoughts!

Here, children of crew members tell Dan how proud they are of their parent’s work at The Ocean Cleanup, why it’s so essential to protect fish and other animals in the oceans, and how they want to help other kids all over the world: as Milly puts it, ‘we should all help and make this a better place.’

All of us at The Ocean Cleanup say a huge thank you to Emma, Theo, Milly, Suvie, Harvey, Quentin, Noah, Jacob, Aurelia, Rex, Rafael, Flip and Amy for their fantastic appearances – some in their second language – in this special episode!

Duration: 00:37:18