We want to give the plastic collected from the ocean a new life. Our plan is to recycle the plastic and develop our own branded durable products with already selected credible partners. By recycling the collected ocean plastic into beautiful products with verified traceability, we aim to make the cleanup operational costs, to a large extent, financially self-sustainable.

Our objective is to valorize as much of the harvest as technically and commercially possible. The first step is to analyze the catch to understand the type and quality of the plastic. Based on our findings, we will seek the optimal application and way to process the material. The goal is to have a ‘zero waste’ operation. Whatever product we choose, we want to turn it into something that does not go back into the ocean, therefore all products will be designed to be durable, yet recyclable with 100% of the proceeds being reinvested into cleaning the oceans. We trust that our supporters will do their part by taking ownership of it.

As this has never been done before, we would love for you to join us on our journey from pollution to product. To find out what the material is like, and what the product will be – register here.