System 03 is The Ocean Cleanup’s third ocean cleanup system designed by The Ocean Cleanup and deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) in August 2023.

System 03 is not only bigger than its predecessor, System 002, but much better. We have upgraded System 002 components to make our cleanup more efficient and economical. At peak efficiency, System 03 can clean an area the size of a football field in five seconds.

The system now extends deeper under the surface and catches plastic floating underneath. Yet, this does not represent a further danger to marine life. Regarding mitigation measures, System 03 comes with MASH: the Marine Animal Safety Hatch. If an animal is spotted in the Retention Zone, the MASH is activated, blocking any further entrance into the Retention Zone and giving the animal a clear way out. Additionally, we can ensure that animals exit the Retention Zone without compromising the plastic catch.

System 03 is the result of years of testing and experimentation. We hope it becomes the blueprint for the fleet we need to rid the oceans of plastics.

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