As with any large-scale activity at sea, consuming fuel is inevitable. With System 002, this is caused by the vessels towing the system.

With the help of South Pole, a leading developer of climate protection projects, we have already compensated for the carbon emissions from all fuel consumed during the System 001 campaign.

Though counter-intuitive, on average, the active approach of System 002 will be consuming about the same amount of fuel as with passive systems as they would have to be reoriented when drifting out of the patch. However, we aim to offset all carbon emissions of our System 002 ocean operations.

In the short term, we are looking into the most fuel-efficient mode of operating the two vessels, including a pilot project led by Maersk looking into the use of biofuels derived from waste products. As our operations continue, we will work on developing the most fuel-efficient vessel routing and logistics for our scale-up and hope to further incorporate biofuels, with the aim to integrate renewable fueled assets into our operations.