Limiting our impact on the environment is at the core of each decision we make. As with any large-scale activity at sea, at this time, consuming fuel is inevitable. With System 002, this is primarily related to the vessels operating the system.

We are currently looking into ways we can both limit and offset our emissions.

To limit emissions, we are looking into the most fuel-efficient mode of operating the vessels, including a pilot project led by Maersk looking into the use of biofuels only derived from waste products. As our operations continue, we will work on developing the most fuel-efficient vessel routing and logistics for our scale-up and hope to further incorporate sustainable fuels, with the aim to integrate renewable fuelled assets into our operations.

To offset the unavoidable emissions, we are currently working with South Pole, a leading developer of climate protection projects. We have already compensated for the vessel emissions during the System 001 campaign (System 001 and 001/B). We are offsetting all carbon emissions related to System 002, including design, production, logistics, and vessel operation.