As ridding the world’s oceans of plastic is a huge goal, we greatly appreciate any and all support we receive. However, as a technology and research non-profit, we must be careful how our donors activate their support of The Ocean Cleanup, ensuring that donations to The Ocean Cleanup are not used as part of an organization’s sales strategy. To do so, we have developed the following communications guidelines. Please use these guidelines when communicating about your independent support of The Ocean Cleanup. To help you develop a suitable message, we have developed an Independent Supporter communication template that adheres to our communications guidelines. This communication template will be shared when an Independent Supporter badge is issued. You may only communicate about your donation – monetary or in-kind – to The Ocean Cleanup once it has been made (or in the case of a supplier, a contract has been signed.)

  • Any communication about the donation must only be made within the context of your organization’s ESG goals, and not in the context of product or marketing communications
  • Any donation – monetary or in-kind – to The Ocean Cleanup should not be directly tied to the sale of a product in external communications
  • In product communications – for example, on your website and social media – there can be no explicit mention of The Ocean Cleanup. Equally, The Ocean Cleanup’s name, nor any of its branding, can be used on your packaging, advertising, or promotional material
  • Any/all proposed communication about the donations must be sent to The Ocean Cleanup for review
  • As a supporter or supplier, you are not entitled to suggest that you are in partnership with The Ocean Cleanup. It must be made clear to your customers that you are independent of, and not endorsed or sponsored by, The Ocean Cleanup
  • The Ocean Cleanup logo is not available for external use.