Thanks for being part of the solution to ocean plastic pollution!

Here are some tips on how to get involved and help clean up ocean plastic:

  • Make a donation to The Ocean Cleanup or donate as a gift to someone who loves the ocean.
  • Rally your community and start any type of fundraiser via our dedicated fundraising platform.
  • Wear our merchandise to show your support for cleaner oceans.
  • Help teach the next generation the importance of clean oceans and the impact of plastic pollution with this educational board game for kids ages 4+.
  • Apply for a job at The Ocean Cleanup and see the largest cleanup in history up close.
  • Donate your Flying Blue miles to help enable our team to be where they need to be to further our mission.
  • Become a Citizen Scientist. Help us understand plastic pollution around the world by using The Ocean Cleanup Survey app to record the plastic you see in your local rivers and streams.
  • Tag @theoceancleanup on social media when you share your efforts to tackle plastic pollution. We love seeing what you do!

And of course: share The Ocean Cleanup’s mission wherever you can – word of mouth, social media, in your office, and wherever people believe in a future of clean oceans.

Furthermore, we also recommend keeping the following in mind:

  • Dispose of trash properly; and reduce, reuse and recycle whenever possible
  • Wash your synthetic clothing as little as possible and use microfiber absorbers when you do.
  • Lobby to your (local) government to help get more attention for this problem, if you see a lot of pollution in your area.
  • Organize beach, riverbank, or land cleanups with your friends, family, and neighbors (you can tie the cleanup together with a fundraiser for The Ocean Cleanup). Cleaning up is much more fun when done together!

Thank you for your drive to clean up the ocean – we really appreciate the support!