Thank you for your interest in The Ocean Cleanup and for wanting to help solve the plastic pollution problem!
There are several steps you can take to prevent plastic pollution, but some depend on recycling facilities in your area. Here are a few tips:

  • Organize beach, river bank, or land cleanups (you might also be able to find Facebook groups for established initiatives in your area)
  • Reduce your use of disposable plastics (use a reusable water bottle, use a reusable grocery bag, get into some ‘do it yourself projects’ to reduce packaging, etc.)
  • Make sure you dispose of trash properly
  • Reuse and recycle whenever possible
  • Wash your synthetic clothing as little as possible and use microfiber absorbers when you do
  • Support us financially with a donation
  • Join The Ocean Cleanup team
  • Become a Citizen Scientist with our The Ocean Cleanup Survey app
  • Lobby to your (local) government
  • Help educate the younger generations to on the impact of plastic pollution (check out this eco-friendly board game for kids ages 4+!)
  • Simply share The Ocean Cleanup’s mission through word of mouth or over social media with your network
  • Tag @theoceancleanup to share your individual efforts against plastic pollution
  • Start a Facebook Fundraiser for The Ocean Cleanup on your profile to get your friends and family involved
  • Donate your KLM Flying Blue miles, to help enable our team to be where they need to be to further our mission

Thanks again for your offer to help – we really appreciate it!