Family Vibes | Transforming Kingston Harbour

Rae Town, Kingston, Jamaica: an iconic location and the perfect place to catch up on The Ocean Cleanup’s Jamaica project. With five Interceptors deployed in gullies around the city (and more on the way) one guest wasn’t enough: Dan van der Kooy speaks to Alecia Beaufort, Operations Manager for Clean Harbours Jamaica, and Dominik Haertl, Business Development Manager at The Ocean Cleanup, about how this enormous project got started and how we’ve responded to Kingston’s unique circumstances.

Alecia and Dominik speak about how local people – from fishing communities to visiting schoolchildren – are benefiting and learning from our Interceptor deployments, and how our collaboration with local government and vital partners such as the GraceKennedyFoundation and Clean Harbours Jamaica isn’t just about intercepting plastic, but also about a wider project to improve quality of life for Kingston’s community.

Duration: 00:36:31