Currently, we will not be selling our collected plastic to companies and will be making our own product, though we don’t want to exclude this possibility for the future. We want to give the plastic we collect from the ocean a new life and turn it into something that does not go back into the ocean. We have recycled the plastic and turned it into feed stock to create our own branded durable products with already selected partners. By recycling the collected plastic into valuable products, we aim to make the cleanup operational costs, to a large extent, financially self-sustainable. Our objective is to valorize as much of the harvest as technically and commercially possible. All the while, our supporters will have an opportunity to stay involved in the mission and take part in the cleanup, something not possible if we sold the plastic as a material.

We have now launched our first product, sunglasses made of certified plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. You can learn more, and get your own here: