In short, these are the main benefits: 
  • The less components and connections our cleanup system has, the more durable it becomes and the higher the likelihood is of its success. If we can make the cleanup system perform better by removing elements, it is always preferred.
  • Sometimes, the drift anchor had the effect of pulling the ends of the system together, through the anchor lines. This reduced the effective span of the system and thus the plastic capture efficiency. Furthermore, the wind-driven system moves faster through the water which makes it sweep a larger area per day, also leading to a higher plastic capturing efficiency.
  • The wind-generated waves are now approaching the system from the outside of the U-shape. These waves are steep, which could overtop the floater, which was an issue for the drift anchored system. But in this configuration the overtopping will not wash out plastics, as it is coming from the outside in to the system, rather than the other way around.