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  • Closing date: 06 February 2021


The mission of The Ocean Cleanup is to develop advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. To do so, we design, develop, and deploy cleanup systems to stop plastic from reaching our oceans by intercepting it in rivers. As Project Manager - New Solutions, you will be responsible for setting up a small series of projects where we focus on solving riverine plastic pollution in a complete region. Together with a multi-disciplinary team, you will set up a project, create a consortium of willing stakeholders, find the best solutions for all waterways in the region and start working towards deployment of the first solution within six to nine months.


“The best part of working at The Ocean Cleanup is that you’re continuously making an impact and working towards a better world. Everything you do, whether it's an exciting meeting with a new partner or just updating the planning, is focused on one goal: cleaner oceans. Also, you’re going to work within one of the greatest teams in the world!” – Eline Spek, Program Manager Rivers


The Rivers team is always looking out for new solutions to intercept plastic before it reaches the ocean. The development and deployments of these solutions are managed by a project team. We are looking for a project manager to lead these projects, coordinating a multi-disciplinary team (including engineering, business development, operations, and research/monitoring), and successfully deploy these projects on time and within budget. 

Your responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating a cross-functional team
  • Managing external partners
  • Finding the right mix between innovation and enthusiasm, on one hand, and realism and results on the other
  • Improving internal processes and project management structures
  • Project management groundwork: creating planning, managing budgets, document control, etc.


  • Master's degree with added training on project management 
  • Academic-level thinking and communication skills
  • At least 5 years of relevant work experience in project management, preferably in a field where you have gained experience to prepare you for this job (for example, in engineering, construction, innovation, shipbuilding, governmental affairs, environmental affairs, working abroad in Asia/Latin-America)
  • Proven track record in creating/managing planning and budget control
  • Relevant experience in working with external partners and managing contracts
  • Relevant experience in working abroad (Asia, Latin-America, Africa), working in innovation, business development, and/or working with government/public-private partnerships
  • Fluent in English, knowledge of Spanish, Portuguese, or an Asian language is a plus
  • You have worked on different projects at the same time before and have experience in bringing projects from start to finish


  • You are a master in finding the right balance between enthusiasm/new ideas/brainstorming and results
  • You are a realist, perhaps a bit on the ‘glass-half-full’ side, but you’re more into mitigating risks than thinking all will be well
  • You like to work with a team and coach them to do their best work
  • You can use your excellent listening/communication skills to create a clear sense of direction for your team, even if opinions on what to do are at first not aligned
  • You realize that a certain amount of groundwork (document control, chasing people for planning updates, administrative tasks, etc.) is part of the job and project success
  • You are able to perform well in a fast-paced and highly challenging environment
  • And above all: an intrinsic motivation to work on our ambitious and meaningful mission

Please note: because we are a non-profit, our salaries reflect that of an organization fully reliant on donations, rather than that of a commercial entity.

Work permit needed:
European Union