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In order to successfully deploy our ocean cleanup systems, we need to continuously test components and parts of our technology. This internship will provide knowledge on how to further improve our technology, which is key to our success in ridding the world’s oceans of plastic. 

“It cannot be done," they said... And therefore we're looking for a creative and open-minded engineer/intern to either prove the impossible can be done after all or to find a smart way around the impossible. We're working as effectively as possible with advanced materials to make our future ocean cleanup systems as durable and low maintenance as possible.” Fedde Poppenk, Structural Engineer 


As we are now in the beginning stages of development for our next ocean cleanup system, we must conduct a study that looks into the general interface point for connections and electronics on the system. The focus of this study will namely be on the best procedures for attaching a sleeve of a flexible material to an HDPE pipe. This internship assignment will explore and test a range of design and material solutions, and then concisely documenting the findings.

We are continuously testing components and parts of our technology and we have several open questions for curious students looking for a challenging internship. 

This assignment will require you to spend 3 to 4 months in the office in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


  • Master's student in, for example, mechanical engineering, industrial design, environmental engineering or similar
  • Interested in a practical internship that will give you hands-on experience with testing and reporting improvements
  • An internship is a requirement for your studies (a letter from your university is necessary to verify this)


  • Responsible and can stand your ground through difficulties
  • Comfortable with a high level of autonomy 
  • Enjoy hands-on tasks and getting your hands dirty 
  • Strong command of English, verbal and written
  • Intrinsic motivation to work on our ambitious and meaningful goal

Please mention the potential start date and preferred duration in your application. 

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The job opening is currently on hold, as we might have redundancies with internal or external resources, but you may still apply to the position.