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Protecting the environment is the main driver behind our work. To be successful in our mission, from rivers to oceans, we must consider the biological and social factors in the development and improvement of our technology. The Environmental Manager will help achieve our mission by successfully developing a methodology to ensure environmental impacts are reviewed, monitored, and optimized.

“Our work environment is fast-paced and informal which allows you to take a lot of responsibility in your role. I would like to welcome an environmental manager who can connect with our technical and research departments to thoroughly assess and minimize environmental side effects; we look forward to having an energetic, knowledgeable self-starter who will help bring The Ocean Cleanup into the next phase of our project!” - Lonneke Holierhoek, COO of The Ocean Cleanup 


We are looking for an environmental manager who is responsible for the assessment and improvement of our technology from the perspective of environmental impact. This person will ensure we have considered all biological and social factors as we develop our designs and processes as well as develop the necessary actions to address environmental concerns that may arise. Our activities span the globe from the Pacific Ocean through to numerous rivers and circumstances may vary for each continent, region, or ecosystem. Your responsibilities would be to advance our methodology to ensure environmental impacts are studied and appropriately addressed under those various conditions, cooperating with local experts, our partners, and our team of engineers and specialists.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop and drive the performance of methods aimed at assessing any impact of our technology on its environment, which are applicable to the ocean cleanup technology and the many Interceptor projects in diverse locations.
  • Identify and source suitable local experts who can advise on specific conditions and regulatory frameworks for each location.
  • Interface between our team of engineers and specialists, and our partners/suppliers, who work on environmental and social impact assessments and monitoring.
  • Develop environmental monitoring or environmental management plans.
  • Ensure monitoring data is used to identify potential issues and propose solutions.
  • Work closely with the engineering team and external partners to facilitate continuous improvement of our design, technology, and methodology.
  • Develop and help roll out actions to identify, address, eliminate, and prevent environmental concerns resulting from our operations, directly or indirectly. 


  • A relevant Master or Bachelor's degree in biology, ecology, environmental science or a relevant engineering discipline. We are looking for someone who can work at the interface between biology and engineering. For example; you have a (marine) biology degree with an above-average interest in technology and understanding of engineering; you’re an engineering major with a minor in (marine) biology; you have experience in establishing, implementing or working with feedback from environmental (impact) assessments.
  • Proven experience in coordinating and supervising work performed internationally by contractors/suppliers and/or other external partner companies.
  • Experience in or knowledge of waste management or social embedding is a big plus.
  • Around five years of working experience that have prepared you for taking on this role.


  • Very strong communication and reporting skills
  • Culturally aware and able to adapt your style accordingly
  • Results-driven and self-starter, even when faced with adversity and setbacks
  • Willingness to travel abroad
  • Intrinsic motivation to work on our ambitious and meaningful goal
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European Union

The job opening is currently on hold, as we might have redundancies with internal or external resources, but you may still apply to the position.