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  • Closing date: 27 December 2021


To rid the world’s oceans of plastic, we must effectively tell the story of The Ocean Cleanup to new and seasoned supporters of The Ocean Cleanup. The PR Manager will instill the brand voice within themselves and oversee its dissemination across various channels, ensuring that our mission is recognized across the globe.  

“Communications as a discipline has a unique and central role at The Ocean Cleanup. Our main task is to oversee the day-to-day management of one of our most important assets: our brand; an attractive promise that is driving funding and buy-in from stakeholders globally. We are looking for top talent to join us in the exciting work to continuously uphold and improve our image. Professional warning: some level of craziness may be required!”– Joost Dubois, Communications Director


Every day, something is said about The Ocean Cleanup; someone is writing about us on social media, reporting on us in various media outlets, or simply sharing our story through word of mouth. Our story, visual identity, and Boyan make up the brand identity for our organization, which together carry our financial success. It will be your key responsibility to ensure that The Ocean Cleanup’s story is kept cohesive, accurate, engaging, and motivating. You will be the editor-in-chief for all written communications on behalf of the organization in a public-facing medium. You will draft and write long and short-form pieces on behalf of The Ocean Cleanup, assisting team members in various ways, including speech writing for the CEO. You will sign off on blog posts, website text, internal communications, community, and press Q&A and liaise with the PR agency as they represent our mission to the media. You will own the tone of voice and strategize ways to further the message of this ambitious team that seeks to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. 

Key tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Editor-in-chief for all written communications on the website, blog posts, social media, scientific publications, media interviews, and more. You will manage a team of copywriters, both internally and externally, and ensure their work is consistent and in the correct tone of voice.
  • Lead and manage freelance copywriters on project-based assignments.
  • Together with the Head of Communications, concept, strategize, and oversee PR moments, both large and small: from major milestones to community-driven updates.
  • Drafting speeches and written content for important milestones and updates.
  • Align, draft, and sign off on Q&A written for press and the community, requiring know-how and a know-who within the organization. 
  • Strategize ways to (continually) prevent, respond, and improve on critical press regarding The Ocean Cleanup. 
  • Plan, outline, draft, and manage quarterly and annual reporting for the foundation and major funder updates. This includes curating the team and the content necessary to keep the pertinent stakeholders informed. 
  • Act as the liaison with The Ocean Cleanup’s media agency: responsible for picking and training the organization’s spokesperson group, as well as managing the optimal allocation of individual spokespersons to specific PR roles (including the prevention of the ‘wrong’ person doing a particular job, and the distribution of language-specific interviews/media moments).
  • Represent The Ocean Cleanup as a trained spokesperson and act as a gatekeeper to press both in-person and online when needed.
  • As the organization, its technology, and its communications evolve, you will manage all messaging and the tone of voice for the entire organization, sometimes from the germ of a new idea or perhaps later in the process. Still, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is consistent, transparent, factual, and compelling.  
  • Strategize and develop new content for our three pillars: ocean, rivers, and product. 


  • Bachelor or master’s degree in communications, creative writing, journalism, or a similar field
  • At least five years’ experience in communications and PR, especially working for a company with a strong brand image
  • Native English-language skills (note: we write in US English)
  • Can coordinate and manage a team, both on a project and long-term basis
  • Experience working as an editor, with strengths in copywriting, and speech writing
  • Experience working with agencies and the media 


  • Strategic thinker, yet able to quickly execute when needed
  • Self-starter; independent worker
  • Takes initiative to get answers and find out more, takes a journalistic approach to hunting down the necessary information to tell the story
  • Able to prioritize when managing many stakeholders’ top priority
  • Enjoys telling a captivating story, even with (seemingly) dry content
  • Knows when to push when necessary, but also to back down when exchanging ideas, strategizing, and executing with earnest stakeholders
  • Comfortable reiterating the brand story to a multitude of high- and low-stakes contacts
  • Enjoys a good joke (both verbally and written) 

Please note: because we are a non-profit, our salaries reflect that of an organization fully reliant on donations, rather than that of a commercial entity

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